NAS Defender 110 Prototype

This car is the very first of the NAS 110′s, yes that’s right, its the prototype! We have written documentation from Land Rover that this was the first car and was used as the press release and Motor Show launch car. This car is a very important piece of Land Rover History. It has covered 26000 miles from new and drives like it is new. Fitted with its original 3.9 fuel injected V8 engine and 5 speed Manual gearbox it performs very well.
Add to the that the AC, Heated Screen and other NAS standard features. This is a rare car as any enthusiast will confirm.

We have fitted many new parts to this car and refurbished much of the rest, The car is now just as good as it was when it was presented to the press. The external parts of the roll cage, roof Basket and ladder are all brand new. We learned from the British Motor Heritage Museum at Gaydon who were previous owners that the original cage had been removed by them due to rust that was caused by paint not being touched up. We contacted Safety Devices who confirmed that this car was infact the one that was sent to them to develop the cage in the first place and it differs slightly to the production models so a replacement from stock would not fit, they then told us they had the original plans and they built a replacement from that! When it was delivered it fitted straight on! Thanks Safety Devices!

The wheels have been sandblasted to bare steel and coated in 2 pack etch primer then finished with 2 pack alpine white inside and out, This is better than the factory finish as they only did the front! The Heated Screen has just been replaced due to a crack and has been replaced with a genuine Land Rover heated green tinted screen along with new rubber (just price these yourself and you will see how expensive they are!) The original seats are in mint condition and have Waterproof genuine land rover covers fitted. The floor has had genuine land rover mats fitted over the grey carpet from new so the grey deep pile carpet is in mint condition underneath. The Black wheel arches have been repainted with 2 pack black paint so no more fading of the bare plastic.